Monday, June 11, 2012

China as I saw it

Narrow alleys leading to a wide world
Where dragons rule and tigers roar
and spirits and immortals meet with lion man...
Mystic mountains, clouds and rain
covering horrors of conquests, revolutions and pain...
North, south, east, west, heaven, earth and man
seasons , elements and cycles all leading to
the union of yin and yang...
Primordial energies, essence and  qi
in everything you begin to 'see'...
Changing faces, imperial scenes
economy booming, peasants unseen
Lily-feet women dancing their dreams...
Heavens descending in cascading waterfalls
Earth shooting out through watered fields of paddy
sometimes running riot in the abundant bamboo groves
And the Dao suffusing the mortals in between...
Valuing the old and loving the young
Filial duties, family and piety
Structure, state and society
Confucious embroidered on the silken screens...
Poise and balance and every know how
of calming the senses and stilling the mind
Myriad colourful fish gracefully swimming in a collective gene pool
of evolved consciousness, consuming culture and cultivated lifestyle...
Sweet and sour, salty and spicy
Chopsticks deftly manouvering through a fine cuisine
Where tea is a ceremony and eating an art
And restraint means freedom...
Where nature rules and man is subsumed and
the hands of the clock run you through an opera of time
from celestial beings, to communism and commerce...
Silent masters in ancient temples
gently fingering the zither to produce powerful sounds...
Adept brushstrokes dotting the ancestor tablets
and outlining the future in a fine calligraphy ...

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