Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The scorched Indian countryside begins to revitalize in July-August, after the life-giving rains. The greens are now one shade deeper, the rivulets are brimming and there is a great sense of plentitude. All of nature seems nourished and soothed. In this season of newness, Wander Globe Inc. advises you to pick ups your bags and reach out to destinations where you can enjoy nature in luxury and full splendor.

While most of India rejuvenates with the heavy monsoon showers, there are many destinations preferable in the monsoons from July-September:

Royal Rajasthan

Ladakh and Zanskar-the moonlit desert

Lahaul and Spiti valley-life beyond life

Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala

Spiritual Spas in Northern India

Journeying the south-west monsoon: The low pressure belt created by the searing heat of the north Indian plains and the Thar Desert attract the rain-laden winds from the Indian Ocean. The mighty himalayas cause them to rise and the drop in temperature leads to precipitation we know as rain. There is an underlying rhythm and pattern to this much -waited phenomenon. the southernmost state of Kerala is the first to receive these heavenly showers which gradually travel along the the western coastal regions and then the north of india and the entire subcontinent is rain-drenched by the beginning of July.

The most poetic expression of the journey of the Indian Monsoon is celebrated in Kalidas's Meghdoot....where the clouds carry the lovers message across the central Deccan plateau to the High Himalayas. The monsoons are so vital to the being of India and its people and are also often synonymous with love and romance . Beautifully depicted in Indian art and evocative in Indian literature and poetry we have a series of raagas or musical notes that best bring out the mood and the emotional content of the season. All of this can be best experienced in a series of travels we have planned for you to enjoy the monsoons :

Classical tour to Varanasi with the music performances suited to the season

Monsoon in Mandu

The hills are alive with the sound of music- Himachal

Splendid sea, the monsoons and the greens - Goa

Water, water everywhere - Kerala divine

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