Sunday, May 16, 2010

Himalayan Adventure Tour - Mesmerizing Mountains & Mysticism

Wanderglobe in association with Wanderland Inc. is organizing a unique Himalayan Adventure Programme for kids and young adults. The 12 Nights/13 Days programme shall start on May 31st this year.

The tour will take you to the breathtaking mountains of North India’s Zanskar, Ladakh and Great Himalayan ranges. The route will pass through unparalleled scenery and exceptional immersion. Our Himalayan Adventure offers strong, well-conditioned students a remarkable opportunity to explore remote, rugged valleys and high passes amidst the most phenomenal mountain ranges in the world. Adding to the remarkable setting for the program is a cultural backdrop of the Ladakhis and the Tibetans—nomads, herders, farmers, and hardened religious followers.

Staging the program out of Leh, the capital of Ladakh, we offer students immediate and intimate engagement with various development roups and projects on ecology. We visit the prominent monasteries of Hemis and Thikse, and have the chance to explore in greater depth the cultural heritage and religious traditions of the local population by living with families in a selection of nearby mountain communities.

Safely acclimatized to our average 12,000-foot elevation—we journey onwards and upwards into the surrounding Zanskar region. Here, jagged peaks and windswept drainages compose a raw, arid landscape that cradles small and seldom visited communities that are seldom seen by outsiders. Alongside thunderous rivers and in the shadow of the earth’s highest mountains, these villages run as they have for centuries, sustained by limited farming, yak and sheep husbandry, trade, and the patronage of monasteries. With many of these villages cut off from the rest of the world by high passes, the traditional culture and Buddhist heritage have been well preserved.

During our time in the mountains, we begin to shift our focus from the region’s social and historical landscape to expedition planning, high-altitude travel, and minimum-impact camping. Trekking through the cloud-stripped mountains, we encounter monasteries draped in ghostly prayer flags, snowbound passes, and welcoming shepherds who lead their flocks to feed in the lush alpine valleys. Up here, we enjoy only the sounds of sheep, hawks and the wind, and we sleep beneath night skies that are milky with stars. If there is heaven on earth - this is it, this is it!

Wish to participate? Here are contact details:

Tel.: 91 11 45190000

Mobile: 09811004344

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